ZRP Polaris Lightweight Billet Clutch Cover

ZRP Polaris Lightweight Billet Clutch Cover


För dig som tar skoteråkning till nästa nivå och vill göra maskinen ännu lättare och mer responsiv.

Polaris P-85 Clutch Covers. We've designed them using high strength 7075 aluminum with reinforced crossed sections. Now includes a Hardened Clutch Shim for improved backshift and spring longevity. 

  • 205g lighter than stock 800/850 clutch cover, nearly 1/2 pound!

  • 45% reduction in rotational inertia.

  • Stroger and more rigid than stock allowing for more efficient shifting.

  • Open face design disapates heat lowering belt temperatures.

  • Reduced rotational inertial

    • Faster acceleration

    • Improved throttle responce

  • Fits all 600, 700, and 800 primary clutches made since at least 2005.

  • Run by every 2015 RMSHA MOD Points champion

Recommended to use with our Polaris Titanium Clutch Cover Bolts
Balancing the clutch may be needed

Proven on the RMSHA Hillclimb circuit, almost every Polaris Mod has run this cover the last 3 seasons with amazing results!

Only available in solid black.

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